It was almost four years ago that Kelly and I met. We were two awkward, fresh-faced eighteen year olds, bumbling through Frosh activities, desperately trying to mask our discomfort amidst the early morning tequila slams and various genitalia spilling out of clothing. Luckily, Frosh ended. But our friendship began.

It’s been four years of uncontrollable laughter (usually in an inappropriate location), Wine Nights and miserable, hungover mornings (that never seem to deter us from more alcohol the next time), cookies (as we grew, so did our baking skills: we graduated from Pillsbury pre-made mix to BOMB-ASS delicacies), and collective groaning over school. We snuck into school events solely for the free food, we moved to Hong Kong for four months, we swam with whale sharks in the Philippines, and we ate spicy Pad Thai in Bangkok at 3 am.

And now we’re done. Our last final has been written, our last paper turned in, and for the first time in 22 years, school is behind us.

It’s been a strange few weeks. I’m not really sure what the rest of my life holds, and I keep having to remind myself that there are no more dreadful classes waiting for me come September. I’m beyond happy, but also can’t describe how much I’m going to miss some parts of the last four years. And ALL of those parts have to do with Kelly.


I’m not sure how I would have survived school if not for our daily coffee and chatting sessions, our shared disgust of Business class group projects, our mutual love of books, our ridiculous senses of humour. All I can say is ­­the last four years were made a MILLION times better because of our friendship, and I am indescribably grateful that we were placed in the same Frosh group.


And now she’s turning 22, and I can’t be there to celebrate with her because we have this annoying mass of continent separating us right now. It’s okay, though, because in one month we’ll be back in the same place, getting up to the same ridiculous hijinks as always (but no ping pong incidents this year) and laughing at things that only we find funny (DL squared). Have an AMAZING birthday Kelly, AND CHEERS TO 22 ~ THE BEST YEAR YET.

basically us in a nutshell

(the first of many times that I will be forcing this song on you this year: )


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  1. Brad Nixon says:

    Congratulations. Go forth.

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  2. Brad Nixon says:

    Checking up on blogs I haven’t visited in too long. I assume you’re both extremely busy, hope you’re thriving.

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