The New President-Elect

Two days ago, America voted for Donald J Trump as their next commander in chief.

A man who has promised to ban all Muslims from entering a nation founded by immigrants now has the power to sign bills into law. A man who has repeatedly called Mexicans “rapists” is now able to command the military. A man who has been accused by over ten different women (including a 13 years old) of rape or sexual assault is now entrusted with nuclear codes. A man who has threatened to punish women for exercising the right to an abortion can now appoint Supreme Court judges. A man who contends that climate change is a Chinese fraud now represents America in treaties and conferences around the world.

A wildly unstable predator who has spouted blatant lies and racist, sexist, homophobic, and xenophobic rhetoric throughout his campaign is now set to become the most powerful person in the world.

I am not American. As a Canadian, it’s tempting to distance myself and watch our downstairs neighbours battle it out. But as a woman, and as a person, for the sake of common humanity, I am fully invested in trumping hatred and fighting for those who rightly fear a Trump Presidency.

I’m scared too. I’m scared, and shocked, and confused, but mostly I’m angry. I’m angry that so many people benefitting under Obamacare will now worry their health coverage will be ripped away. I’m angry that immigrants and people of colour and LGBTQ+ peoples and other minorities living in America are the subject of so much ignorance and misplaced hate. I’m angry that the progress fought for with tooth, nail, and blood is now threatened by a GOP majority in both Houses. And I’m so fiercely, unbelievably angry that voters rather elect a misogynistic buffoon than allow an intelligent, qualified woman to achieve a position of power.

The world feels like a colder place today. I, like many others, was baffled by Trump’s victory; perhaps I have coddled myself into a false sense of security through liberal news sources and progressive environments. Perhaps I am actually wildly out of touch with reality. This election result has taught me that we are not moving forward, and that sitting back and allowing time and generational change to solve the world’s problems is not enough.


If we only counted the votes of those between ages 18-25, this would have been the result. This is the future. This is the hope that we can strive for.

But to get there our anger needs to crystallize into an imperative to fight oppression, to battle ignorance, and to uphold humanity. I don’t know how to make it better, and I don’t know how to make a difference within a system that so obviously hates women, but I do know that we need to keep going. Right now the world seems off tilt, a hateful, bitter place, and Trump’s victory feels like a personal attack on many different identities.

But our focus has narrowed, our cause has solidified, and we are unified. We won the popular vote. We know that things are not okay. Donald Trump is in office, and we are not going to contain our anger.


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  1. Brad Nixon says:

    Sam and Kelly, thanks for your words. It’s a crushing outcome, and Wednesday was a day of bleak despair. Anger is appropriate. Then, time to channel it. Try to have confidence that 300 million of us aren’t simply going to let a black tide of wrong wash over us. There will be some terrible ramifications flowing from Tuesday’s results for years, but no charlatan and a gang of ignorant rubes can alter the fundamental truths of America. I do not believe it’s possible to exclude an entire body of people from the U.S. because of their religion. That’s a foundational principal of the Constitution. They may think they can, and they may try, but there will be other voices. In fact, we have no idea what this president-elect thinks or believes, if he has any ideas at all. All we heard during the campaign were rabble-rousing slogans and catch phrases short enough to be tweeted. There will be challenges to every right, to every aspect of life, but there will be other voices, too. It’s going to be discouraging to see the parade of bozos who’ll be invited to join the government. They’ll break some things and bend a lot more, but not without meeting opposition. Thanks for your words of solidarity and support. We value it.

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    1. coffee&twigs says:

      Thank you Brad. Very well said, and very true.

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  2. Thank you for posting this- I think that so many bloggers are ignoring it as to not lose any readers is sad. As Canadians in a global world, this *does* affect us hugely. My boyfriend lives in the US and I am now a million times more worried about him now. Everyone, American or not, residing in the US or not, needs to stand up for what is right, and stand up for everyone, not just themselves. Trump supporters largely voted for him because they had “lost the American dream”- most Americans never have the chance to even think about this supposed dream. It is our responsibility to be GOOD people, and help those who need help. I believe that this has started a fire, and that good can come of this. We get to be angry but let’s use that anger for something better. This is a global world, and as global citizens we *can* make a difference.

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    1. coffee&twigs says:

      Thank you. Yes, its time to use that anger and channel it towards something productive- I truly agree that this is our responsibility.

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  3. acceptingmom says:

    It is sad that so many did not vote for the future of the children and grandchildren but for themselves.

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