Pineapple Mountain – The Only Arid Place in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is undeniably beautifully tropical and lush – this we have discussed ad nauseam. Everywhere you look you will see brilliant green palm trees, dangling vines, and bright cerulean sea. You don’t come here looking for red rock formations and scrubby trees, and yet when we ventured out to the New Territories on a hot October day, that is exactly what we found. Well, we found a taste.


We went on a day that happened to be both Canadian Thanksgiving and one of seemingly dozens of local state holidays (each indistinguishable from the rest to us visitors). The trail was crowded, but it was the first trail we visited where we were the only tourists. Everyone else seemed to be out for a holiday walk on their local path.

This is most likely due to the fact that reaching Pineapple Mountain took considerable effort and MTR- finesse. We took a bus, and then changed metro lines three times, before hopping on a local tram line and then finally walking to the trail head.

When we first arrived in Hong Kong two months ago and struggled to even get to our own campus down the street, we would never have been brave enough to attempt this trail. My, my, how we’ve grown 😉



If you’re looking to give it a go, take the MTR to Siu Hong (if you’re starting on Hong Kong Island, you’ll most likely have to change lines a couple of times) and then take the red light rail #505 to Leung King station. Go around Leung King Plaza, then take a left on the road. Follow the road until it curves left. The trail head is on your right. You can take a minibus back to this station if you follow the trail all the way like we did!


Watch our video for more, if you want to see us slowly lose our minds waiting for that infrequent minibus after running out of water… You might just want to hike back 😉



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  1. Brad Nixon says:

    Cerulean! I enjoy reading your posts because you know how to write in words of more than one syllable. Thanks.

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