Hike Hong Kong: Scaling the Dragon’s Back

Dragon’s Back, a portion of the much-celebrated Hong Kong Trail, has been on our radar for months. I’m pretty sure I had this hike written on my “To Do in HK” list back in January, back when the idea of us living in Asia was just a far-off fantasy.

We had planned to do this hike on Friday to avoid the weekend crowds, but were put off by a forecasted typhoon (yes, you heard right, a casual typhoon). So instead we piled into the MTR on Saturday, and then onto the number 9 bus from Shau Kei Wan station with about 40 other eager hikers.

Dragon’s Back is known as Asia’s best urban hike, so it’s a very popular destination for tourists, locals, and starry-eyed exchange students like us. And its pretty obvious why – just look at this phenomenal view.


Most hikes involve a climb to a summit or viewpoint, and then offer a fantastic tableau as a reward for your hard work. What makes hiking Dragon’s Back so incredible is that spectacular views accompany virtually the entire hike- there is always something extraordinary to see. The path snakes along a ridge (or the “spine” of the Dragon), which provides magnificent seascapes on both sides.

It took us about 2.5 hours to hike from the To Tei Wan bus stop on Shek O Road to Big Wave Bay. The heat and humidity definitely made us sweat, but the hike itself wasn’t challenging – definitely open to all hiking levels.

The absolute best part of this hike is the finish line – get ready to wash off your sweat and soothe your mosquito bites in the refreshing waters of Big Wave Bay.

this photo was taken on the beach eating ice cream. could life get any better than this?

We rewarded ourselves with (cheap!) snacks and ice cream from the little Mediterranean fishing village-esque town and watched the surfers flop about in the water – it’s a beginner surfing spot which provides endless entertainment for those of us lounging around in the sand.

To be fair, I’m sure the results would be hilarious if I was given a floating plank and told to tie it to my ankle and balance on a wave.

We bobbed around in the warm water and read and napped until the light began to dim and the sky turned pink and hazy. It was time to brush off the sand that somehow manages to get into every possible crevice of the human body and hop on the bus home, tired yet exhilarated and so, so grateful to live in this incredible place.






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  1. A hike that leads to a swimming beach sounds like paradise! Was it as crowded as you were expecting on the weekend?

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    1. coffee&twigs says:

      The trail itself was at turns very crowded and at others deserted and peaceful. An interesting mix, because it is part of a network of trails so there were always forks for people to go off and explore. The beach was populated, definitely, but there was plenty of room. Lots of fun, beauty, and peace!

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