March (Movie) Madness! A New Kind of Bracket

The NCAA Championship took place last night in what we are sure was a dramatic show-down (we will be watching it tonight – please do not tell us who won. We are working very hard at this).

A different kind of March Madness took over our apartment last month. What happens when three roommates contract the flu? A LOT of movies get watched (because college basketball just isn’t going to soothe the savage beast that is a fever. Way too much rapid motion).

We each watched enough movies this month that we realized we could make brackets of our own, and arbitrarily pit extremely diverse films up against each other to choose a victor. A victor of what? We are not so sure. But it was fun.

We each made our own brackets and have our own champion and now we need YOU to help us decide the ultimate champion of March Movie Madness 2016. I will be posting mine today, and Sam will be posting hers soon and then we will declare a true victor.

Kelly’s Bracket: 


Round One Match-ups:

My Big Fat Greek Wedding vs. Sisters – two raucous romantic comedies aiming to produce belly-laughs from two consecutive decades. The flick from the early ‘aughts takes it, for its heart, soul, and baklava.

Midnight in Paris vs. Mama Mia – sure, one is a flamboyantly silly musical and one is decidedly not, but both are dreamily set in candy-colored locations perfect for armchair travel. Midnight in Paris is just a touch more charming, and has a message of living for the present that rings a bit more true than ABBA’s Super Trouper.

Killing Them Softly vs. Ocean’s Eleven –  Brad Pitt plays cool rule breakers in both of these, but he’s a much more entertaining trickster when he’s pulling heists with his buddies George Clooney and Matt Damon than when he’s shooting lowlifes in the head.

Monster’s Inc. vs The Lego Movie – Both of these animated movies are impressive, but The Lego Movie has the benefit of glitzier 2015 effects. It’s also just plain funnier, and the live-action meta ending gives it a truly unique feel helping it to come out on top.

Shrek vs. Shrek 2 – So funny and clever and entertaining with some of the most iconic soundtracks of all time (yeah, I said it), these initial installments are nearly perfect and difficult to compare, but Shrek 2 just might be the greatest sequel of all time and comes out slightly ahead in my book.

Shrek 3 vs. Shrek 4 – I hated these two movies so much that I know they have real names but I don’t feel like looking them up. Boring and trite, they did not need to be made. I got through them because I was so sick that they weren’t making me feel any worse. Shrek 3 wins, but it’s a hollow victory.

Cinderella vs. The Mortal Instruments these two were paired in a pinch because they are both film adaptations – granted, The Mortal Instruments is an adaptation of a much more contemporary story. Somehow, though, it feels more medieval, with a bizarre incest plot line and a bunch of inexplicable, stuffy British characters populating New York. The live-action Cinderella, on the other hand, was beautifully executed and managed to feel fresh.

Kung Fu Panda vs. Kung Fu Panda 2 – you may have noticed my soft-spot for animated movies. This franchise may not represent the most clever offerings of the genre, but they are still fun enough that a couple of 20-year-olds loved them. Kung Fu Panda 2’s villain was so diabolical, and the Dad story line so heartwarming that, yet again, the sequel takes the cake.

Round Two Match-ups:

My Big Fat Greek Wedding vs. Shrek 2 – What can I say? I really, really love Shrek 2.

Midnight in Paris vs. Shrek 3 – This match-up was a joke. This match-up was like Villanova versus Oklahoma (haha! sick burn, eh?)

Ocean’s Eleven vs. Cinderella – A heist is kind of like a fairy tale, but a lot more devilishly fun.

The Lego Movie vs. Kung Fu Panda 2 – The Lego Movie won for that scene about Emmett doing jumping jacks alone. Well, and because it genuinely moved me. And because Chris Pratt.


The final round:

And so, Shrek 2, Midnight in Paris, Ocean’s Eleven, and The Lego Movie made it to my Final Four. These match-ups were tough – the best of the best of… this month’s random assortment of movies I happened to watch. Ultimately, Midnight in Paris took home the gold. It’s Paris. It’s Owen Wilson. It’s the Lost Generation and hazy summer nights. I’ve seen this movie countless times and could watch it countless times still, and I think that is a mark of a truly winning movie.

What do you think of my match-ups? Any victors that you want to contest?

Tonight we will be watching the real March Madness final with some delivery pizza and a few cold beers. We are not the biggest basketball fans but sometimes it is fun to pretend.

Go Nova!




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