Petits Délices (12/07)


Like so many others this past week, when I checked my Podcasts and discovered the little bright red 1 badge on Serial, which had been dormant for months, I gasped. I listened to season 1 over the summer while driving around for my job, and it quickly turned into an obsession (as it did for everyone who listened). I remember trying to squeeze in five minutes of an episode whenever I had one minute alone. I would “fall asleep” to it, which really meant I would stay up far later than I should have, desperate to know more. I could not be more excited for season 2 and after listening to the first episode I am even more intrigued. Sarah Koenig & Co. are giving the former Al Qaeda prisoner Bowe Bergdahl’s mysterious disappearance and rescue stories a second (and third and fourth and fifth) look. We’ll see how it plays out, though it might drive me absolutely out of my mind to listen to it in weekly installments, as it is intended. My patience just isn’t that evolved.

Holiday Charades! App
Don’t judge us on this one. Dealing with the mind-numbing monotony of exam studying is torture, and so is the stress that infects campus like a negativity virus this time of year. To cheer ourselves up we invented a great studying tactic: we set a timer for 45 min of serious crackdown, and then reward ourselves with a fun activity to get the blood flowing again. Lately our activity of choice has been the Holiday Charades app – basically a Christmas themed guess-the-word game. One person holds the phone to his or her forehead, and the others try to describe, hum, or act out the word on the screen. The ensuing hilarity is all that is getting us through finals. That and cookies. Lots and lots of cookies.

Rum Balls
These rich, gooey bites of chocolate and liquor are some of our absolute favorite holiday treats. So, in an effort to expand our baking repertoire, we decided to make them ourselves! And they turned out fantastic – we’ll be sure to share the recipe soon!

Warm Weather

It is mid-December, we are in Canada, and last night when we went out to dinner we wore lightweight jackets. Talking about the weather in Montreal isn’t even considered a sin of boring small talk because it is such a major part of our lives, determining whether you can safely go outside or if you risk exposure to wind burn/frost bite/slipping and dying. This year, every venture outside is accompanied by a chorus of “It’s sooooo warm!” and “Can you believe it hasn’t snowed yet?” and “We might really go an entire semester without having to wear our Sorels!” We’re choosing not to focus on the complicated global climate implications of this unseasonable temperateness, and just enjoying that we can go outside without our eyelashes freezing and our eyeballs weeping in protest. Can you really blame us?

On the left is a photo taken from our apartment on December 13, 2014 when the perma-snow had already been on the ground for a few weeks, versus a photo taken from our (new) apartment December 13, 2015. What a difference a year can make! El Niño, man.

Dear readers, we’d love to hear what you have been loving this week. Anyone else out there putting the holiday cheer on pause to get through their exams? What are your coping strategies? We are sending nothing but love and positive vibes out there for all going through it. You can do this! And remember that your self worth is dependent upon so much more than your results.



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