On Serenity (Vancouver)

There is something so wonderfully calming about wandering around my hometown. A city that feels as familiar as a well-read book, each street sign and alleyway sparks a warm, nostalgic thrill.

I was able to fly to Vancouver, BC this past weekend, and spend a snug four days at home with family and friends. Vancouver in the autumn is damp but dazzling, the trees and foliage a sea of shocking reds and burnt oranges. I was enthusiastically greeted (more like bowled over) by the furry family members, who I have missed like CRAZY.


I spent most of Day 1 hanging out with old friends, catching up on our lives. My spontaneous visit was unplanned, as I hadn’t expected to see them until Christmas, which made it all the more special.

Apparently my parents have decided they are RV people. I know, you’re thinking of that bizarre family in We’re The Millers who drive the giant RV and wear visors and flip up sunglass lenses.


Yup, apparently that’s what my parents aspire to. Anyway, Day 2 consisted of endless RV dealerships and salesmen who raved about the infinitely ridiculous features of a 2015 Winnebago Class C motorhome. “Did you know this amazing vehicle includes a powered patio awning, marble countertops, 3 HD TVs, and an entire mini golf putting range?” I’m kidding, but some were wildly extravagant (one of the hugely expensive ones included a fireplace. A fireplace. It was insane.)

I’m not complaining though- My parents want to eventually buy a simple, smaller one to facilitate long-distance road tripping, which I am all for. Especially if they let me use it.

I had originally planned on going hiking to a nearby mountain on Day 3, but I had  forgotten just how wet Vancouver winters are. The idea of trudging through soggy, muddy soil in the only pair of shoes I brought wasn’t very appealing, so I decided to walk around the city instead. I took my dog, Sumie, and strolled along the seawall, a meandering path that winds around the city’s edge.


We followed the path for a long while, the blue-glass ocean on one side, skyscrapers on the other. Sumie strained against her leash, desperately trying to play with the teasing seagulls who cawed and swooped around above her head.


Any Vancouverites looking for a good breakfast place, check out Yolks! I tried eggs benedict for the first time in my life, and oh man had I been missing out. We also ate some amazing hashbrowns seasoned with lemon truffle sauce.


I left Vancouver relaxed and happy, thankful for the small weekend escape. Bye home, see you in a month!




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