On Thursday, September 10, 2015, Sam and I went out for an uncharacteristic post-accounting-lecture cinq á sept. It was the very beginning of a fresh term that already felt stale and we decided a pitcher of white sangria was most definitely in order. We were embarking on our third year of an academic journey that we had become thoroughly disenchanted with, and while both of us were fresh off of wonderful, reinvigorating summers and were thrilled to see each other and our other roommates, an air of unease and dread hung over us.

When would the anxiety begin? When would the boredom set in? When would any of these classes we didn’t hate but didn’t love reveal to us our passions?

We’ve told various versions of this story before. Blah, blah, blah, lazy privileged 20-year-olds blithering on about how uninteresting easy their lives are… We know.

So we decided to do something about it. We really did! I can honestly say I am proud of the directed growth and self-discovery that we have achieved in this short amount of time. We know a lot more about ourselves and our values and our dreams today than we did two months ago when we were languishing in our own self doubt.

And, as I’ve said before, somehow this blog has been a huge part of that. On that sunny September evening when we clinked our sparkling glasses together and giggled with the kind of excitement only a new project can bring, we decided we needed to get started as soon as possible. We vowed that we were not going to let ourselves get held up on silly little details like perfection or branding or followers or a name. (Granted, it did take us another month to actually get our first post up, but, hey, we did it.)

The name NoPlaRadio was kind of a joke and we knew it would not be with us forever, but it resonated with us and our purpose enough that we slapped it up on our website and got going. It still does resonate with us, and we are still fond of it, but we have been brainstorming a new name that more explicitly echoes the atmosphere we wish to create here going forward and today, exactly one month after our first post went live, we have finally settled on Coffee&Twigs.

It just feels right. Our happiest moments are spent outdoors on an adventure with friends and a hot cup of joe.

Coffee is an every day ritual for us, and in the early days it was the cornerstone of our bond. Wednesdays at 1:00, we could be found tucked away in a café somewhere, commiserating, scheming. This was the setting of the grand decision to live together.

Twigs says something to us about fragments and growth and nature. Twigs snapping underfoot on a long hike. Twigs used for kindling. Twigs tangled in your hair after rolling around in the grass.

We never want to be afraid to change and grow and improve here. That’s what this is all about. There are only a few followers out there right now, and we so, so appreciate you. You are all blogs that we follow as well, so the fact that you have returned the compliment means so much to us in such a formative time. And to anyone out there who happens to find us here at Coffee&Twigs, we welcome you and thank you and hope that you’ll join us.


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