As promised, here is our recipe for okonomiyaki, a delicious savoury Japanese pancake.


The mouthwatering scent of grilled okonomiyaki takes me back to first year, when Reina first introduced us to this popular Japanese delicacy. Kelly, Reina and I bonded over this dish, spending many a cozy night in Kelly’s warm, orange kitchen as bitter winter winds raged outside (in Montreal, this is not hyperbole). It became a token of our friendship, a dish we made again and again throughout the year. We even jokingly referred to ourselves as “the Okonomiyaki Krew,” which was, yes we know, unforgivably lame.

Of course, we had to make it when she came to Montreal to visit.

The amazing thing about okonomiyaki is its customizability. Literally translated as “grilled how you like it,” the pancakes work wonderfully with any type of meat, vegetables, or other add-ins you can think of. Our go-to ingredients are shrimp and cabbage, although we love experimenting.


Okonomiyaki Mix (you can get this at most speciality Asian supermarkets. For any Montrealers out there, we recommend Eden on Parc)
Okonomiyaki Sauce
1/2 a Cabbage
4 sprigs of Green Onion
2 eggs
1 bag of Shrimp (or any type of meat you prefer)


First, cut up your cabbage into thin slices.



Lots and lots and lots of cabbage. Chop up the green onion, and any other vegetables you decide to add.


Next, follow the directions on the package to make the batter. In a large bowl, combine 160cc of water with the flour mixture (included in the package), and add the contents of the pink packet. Beat in two eggs.


Add the vegetables to the batter, as well as your shrimp (or other meat) and combine.



Pan-fry the mixture in olive oil and flip them like pancakes! We used a griddle (purely because we are impatient and wanted our okonomiyaki twice as fast as a mere pan could provide) at 350 degrees F. Note that they will take longer than normal pancakes, as they’re quite a bit thicker.


Serve hot, and add toppings. We used seaweed shavings (included in the package), and okonomiyaki sauce (which we also got at an Asian specialty supermarket). This sauce is almost barbecue-like but has its own unique tang and it works wonderfully on a countless number of dishes besides its titular use. We love splashing it on rice and vegetables to jazz up a bland, easy dinner.



The specialty mix and sauce may make this dish seem a little intimidating to start, but it is so versatile and delicious and easy. Please, please do yourself a favor and give it a try.


the okonomiyaki krew ✌




5 Comments Add yours

    1. noplaradio says:

      Thanks for sharing!


  1. I only recently learned about this dish, and made it for the first time a couple of weeks ago, using a mix like the one in your picture. I used bacon for the meat (my husband is a big bacon fan). It’s a delicious meal. I’m surprised not to have heard of it before, but now that I know what it is I’m sure I’ll be noticing it everywhere (like running across your blog post).


    1. coffee&twigs says:

      We’ve been meaning to try it with bacon! That was actually one of the recommendations on the package. And I sure hope we start seeing it everywhere! I would love to get it at a restaurant!


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