Petits Délices (11/09)

This past week was a somewhat grueling one, marked by interminable meetings for group projects, endless clouds and spitting rain, and the new-normal 5:00 PM darkness encroaching more and more into our precious daylight hours.

It’s even more important to focus on the little things when the air is feeling a bit dreary. Here’s a look back at what kept us going.

Master of None

It’s Aziz Ansari’s triumphant return to television! Or, at least, Ansari’s triumphant return to our computer screens via Netflix. The greatest thing about this new show is just how very Aziz it is. Concepts from both his book and his stand-up are featured throughout, from commentary about rude millennial dating habits, to representation of Indians throughout entertainment, to creepy men who follow women home. The show has some issues with comedic timing that are particularly prevalent in early episodes, but I am continually impressed by just how thoughtful and good-natured and progressive it is. Of course, I wouldn’t expect anything less from Aziz. He just seems like a stand-up (get it, ‘cause he’s a comedian) guy.

Decking the Halls 

So, we get into it eaIMG_2373rly around here. In Canada, Thanksgiving is long over and in college, finals season is just around the corner and ready to suck any joy out of our festivities, so we really have to make hay while the sun shines (or holly while it doesn’t?) We started the season off right with a group pilgrimage to Starbucks for some liquid festive joy, and then several hours of decorating to Michael Bublé’s Christmas album (sonic festive joy). We have been accumulating our decorations since our first year in a box that is by now positively bursting at the seams, so we were able to splash something up on every wall. The star of the show, though, is brand new. We got ourselves an honest-to-goodness (fake) Christmas tree! It really warmed our hearts to bursting to spend that time together making our home look cheery, and now every morning I drink my coffee and look at the tree and think “isn’t she beautiful?”

The Rise of Young Adult “Coliving” 

After reading this article I was practically ready to sign a lease for one of entrepreneur Troy Evans’ conceptual micro-units, but then I realized I would have to move to Syracuse to do so… So that’s out. But I am legitimately hoping this idea takes off and spreads around the country. My latest summer job was located in a city in which I did not know anybody, but fortunately the job entailed living in dorms with all of my coworkers. I had my own small room, but living and working in such close proximity to everybody naturally leads to some quick bonding, á la college, and this meant that moving to a new city for a job was not a difficult, lonely, scary thing, but the incredibly fun-filled, exhilarating adventure it should be. I am so excited to have the flexibility to move around a lot for the next ten or 15 years and dive into new places with new norms, but the prospect of being lonely for a few adjusting months each time is enough to dampen that excitement just a touch. Not every job will provide a shared living space, so having options like these adult dorms sounds like a perfect solution. Dear reader, what do you think?

Clementine Zest

Guys, making those cranberry orange muffins last week truly inspired me/changed my life. Ever since then I have been adding zest to everything. For breakfast in the morning I grate clementine zest into a bowl of oatmeal for an added zip. Zest in yogurt. Zest in cereal. The other night I modified a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe and whipped up some cranberry orange dark chocolate chip cookies that were incredible. The zest not only added orange flavor, but the extra moisture made the cookies light and fluffy and positively springy. Try this! Zest up your life 😉


This Google Chrome add-on greets you with a beautiful photo from around the world and a motivating quote. The best part is that the pictures are linked to the photographers’ account so you can go and peruse. Warning: this app may trigger wanderlust.2015-11-13


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