Petits Délices (11/02)

We’re starting our own take on a favorites series! We’d like to do a roundup of the small things that have held our attentions and obsessions throughout the previous week, be they items, articles, songs, or snacks, or anything else besides.

Guys, I saw Halsey last week at the Metropolis and it was so, so fun. To me, Halsey has always sounded like Ellie Goulding singing Lorde’s lyrics with a twist of Lana del Rey’s vulgarity, but she has an attitude that is uniquely her own. She is a great lyricist and a great, energetic performer, capable of doing back bends as she belts out flawless high notes. Go listen to Colors and go see her live if you can. Such a fun show.

The Martian

DSC_0128 How many space disaster flicks have you seen? A lot, right? Well, here’s another one, but this one somehow doesn’t feel overdone. It’s a dramedy in space, and Matt Damon is charming and strong and absolutely perfect. And he really had to be, in order for us to forgive him for what he did in Interstellar…


Suddenly we can’t stop and won’t stop planning. We are loving filling in the pages with tasks, coffee dates, and weekend getaways, all color coded and doodled and covered in stickers. It’s practical, DSC_0126 filling the obvious role of keeping track of our agendas, but it can serve sentimental purposes as well. It’s like an ultra-condensed journal, in that we can flip through the pages and see what we did that day and what excited us that month. And should somebody ever accuse us of murder, we might be able to populate the timelines of our alibis a little better than one Adnan Syed. The stickers say I was at Starbucks with my roommate that afternoon; read it and weep, suckers! Speaking of…

Adnan Syed’s New Hearing (NPR)

There is so much that is fascinating about this entire case and the new legal motions that have stemmed from the production of Serial. We were both avid listeners and, like its other legions of fans, found the lack of truth and closure to be extremely unsettling. Nothing adds up. Whatever truly happened to Hae Min Lee, justice was not done. It’s also hard to wrap our heads around the impact Serial had. The story enticed fresh lawyers to poke around his case again. Bands of followers and devotees formed and rallied around Syed, launching their own investigations just as Sarah Koenig did. And now, well, now Syed has been granted another hearing where they will officially review the shoddy evidence against him. All because of a podcast and new media. There’s a lot to be said about this.

Secret Tokyo coloring book

I fell in love with coloring for the first time like most people – as a young child scribbling outside the lines of black and white butterflies. Many, many years later my mom gave me a Ryan Gosling coloring book she found at Urban Outfitters. It was a gag gift rolled up and stuffed haphazardly in a Christmas stocking that I pulled out to a fanfare of laughter. There was zero expectation of me actually coloring it in… that would be weird, no? But I started watching Breaking Bad a few weeks later and somehow found myself filling in the little images while watching an episode. It allowed me to get DSC_0130through the viscerally stressful narrative without having a coronary. Around this time (second term of our first year) the adult coloring craze began to flourish. I finished Breaking Bad and filled in all of the gorgeous Goslings, and never picked anything up after that despite the plethora of options now lining the shelves of every bookstore. And then Reina visited and I became swept up in a passion for going to Tokyo on exchange. We were in Chapters browsing (both of us able to spend hours just looking, looking, looking) and we both squealed when we found this beautifully intricate Secret Tokyo coloring book. DSC_0112She recognized streets within its pages. It was so perfect I couldn’t not buy it and I’ve colored a few of the pages already while listening to podcasts in the background. It’s rapidly become my favorite down-time activity. I send her a photo whenever I finish one. Once I color an image that she recognizes she has promised to send me a photo of the real thing, so we can assess my coloring abilities.


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